Dearborn Library Foundation, Michigan Library Foundation

LITERACY - The Library, a home not only for books, but for technology, curiosity and knowledge, is an obvious place for support and celebration of literacy.
The Foundation is committed to supporting programs and projects promoting literacy for all ages.

LIFELONG LEARNING - The Foundation is committed to supporting programs encouraging everyone to “never stop learning.”

COMMUNITY - Our Library system is an essential part of what makes our community vibrant and attractive
to people considering moving here. In a way, libraries are the inheritance of every individual in this country, regardless of age or background.

The Library Foundation raises funds to ensure that
this inheritance lives in perpetuity, and that it is continually added to and made available to all citizens of Dearborn.

Dearborn Library Foundation offers many meaningful and engaging volunteer opportunities.
We recognize the value that volunteers add to an organization. From writing to editing, event planning and execution, we know your diverse skills will help to further our mission and are most appreciated.

At Dearborn Library Foundation, we need your volunteer support and know your efforts can make a big difference.

Gifts to the Dearborn Library Foundation from individuals, corporations or other foundations help the Library by providing funds to support programs and resources not included in the Library’s operating budget.

When donating to the Library Foundation, you can choose to contribute to one of two funds:

General Fund supports refurbishing and renovating the Henry Ford Centennial Library and the branch libraries.

Endowment Fund supports projects to ensure ongoing excellence. The Foundation will invest the principal and distribute a portion of the interest annually.

Make a gift today !

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